Christoph Trattner

Asst. Prof. DI Dr. Christoph Trattner, BSc

MODUL University Vienna
Am Kahlenberg 1
1190 Vienna, Austria
+43 (650) 2402801


AI, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Science, User Modeling and Recommender Systems.

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Dr. Christoph Trattner is currently working as an Asst. Prof. at MODUL University Vienna in the New Media Technology Department. Previously to that (2013-2016) he was an area manager at the Know-Center, Austria's research competence for data driven business and BigData analytics where he founded and lead the Social Computing area. He holds a PhD (cum laude), a MSc (cum laude) and a BSc in Computer Science and Telematics from Graz University of Technology (Austria). He is a former FFG, Marshall Plan and ERCIM fellow and has been working at Graz University of Technology from 2009-2012, the University of Pittsburgh from 2011-2012, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology from 2014-2015, and has been visiting Yahoo! Labs Barcelona in 2014 and CWI Amsterdam in 2015 (two times). Christoph's research interests include AI, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems and the Science of the Web. He was involved, either as a collaborator or a project leader, in various national and international EU-funded research projects that dealt with social technologies and recommender systems. Currently, he is driving a research project that tries to understand, predict and change online food preferences to tackle health-related food issues such as diabetes or obese. Since 2010, he published two books and over 60 scientific articles in top venues and journals, e.g., Wiley JASIST, ACM TiiS, Elsevier ComCom, WWW, ACM WebSci, ACM CIKM, ACM CSCW, ACM RecSys, ACM IUI, ACM HT and ACM UMAP. He is also the winner of several Best Paper/Poster Awards and Nominations. He regularly acts as a PC member on several top-tier conferences and co-organizes or co-chaires a number of workshops and conferences. Recent examples include WWW'16, ACM UMAP'16, ACM HT'16 or ACM IUI'16.

Latest News

  • [2/2017] Our paper "Estimating the Healthiness of Internet Recipes: A cross sectional study" with my collegue Prof. Dr. David Elsweiler from University of Regensburg (Germany) & Simon Howard from Northumbria University (UK) got accepted in Frontiers in Public Health. PDF
  • [01/2017] "Bootstrapped" my old website :) New one is now up and running!
  • [01/2017] Moved to Vienna and working now as Asst. Prof. at MODUL University Vienna in the New Media Technology Department.
  • [12/2016] Our paper "Investigating the Healthiness of Internet-Sourced Recipes - Implications for Meal Planning and Recommender Systems" with my collegue Prof. Dr. David Elsweiler from University of Regensburg (Germany) made it into this year's WWW conference. PDF
  • [12/2016] Our recently published ACM TiiS paper seems to appear among the top-downloads in TiiS and was invited to be presented at ACM IUI 2017. PDF
  • [11/2016] Our workshop proposal "International Workshop on Modeling Social Media: Machine Learning and AI for Modeling and Analyzing Social Media" has been accepted by the WWW'17 conference. Check out the Call for Papers! HTML
  • [10/2016] It's official! ACM RecSys 2017 will be held in Como, Italy and I will be part of the play. Check the ACM RecSys 2017 website for updates! HTML
  • [09/2016] Attended ACM Recsys 2016 in Boston! Run a workshop on Health-aware Recommender Systems and presented a paper on the usefulness of the weather context for POI recommender systems. Papers of our Health Recsys workshop are now online. HTML

Latest Publications

  • Estimating the Healthiness of Internet Recipes: A Cross-Sectional Study. Trattner, C. Elsweiler, D. and Simon, H. Frontiers in Public Health, 2017. PDF
  • Estimating the Healthiness of Internet-Sourced Recipes: Implications for Meal Planning and Recommender Systems. Trattner, C. and Elsweiler, D. In Proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference (WWW), 2017. PDF
  • Understanding the Impact of Weather for POI Recommendations. Trattner, C., Oberegger, A., Eberhard, L., Parra, D. and Marinho, L. In Proceedings of the ACM RecSys Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism (RecTour), 2016. PDF
  • Understanding and Predicting Online Food Production Patterns. Kusmierczyk, T., Trattner, C. and Norvag, K. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (Hypertext), 2016. PDF
  • Plate and Prejudice: Gender Differences in Online Cooking. Rocicki, M., Herder, E., Kusmierczyk, T. and Trattner, C. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on User Modeling and Personalisation (UMAP), 2016. PDF
  • VizRec: Recommending Personalized Visualizations. ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), 2016. PDF
  • Recommending Sellers to Buyers in Virtual Marketplaces Leveraging Social Information. Eberhard, L. and Trattner, C. In Proceedings of the International Conference on World Wide Web Companion (WWW), 2016. PDF

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